ANATUM also offers Submeter Rental Solutions in the iSXBlue II Rental and the Arrow 100 Rental


Both these Submeter Receivers work with our Field Tablets,

or with your own iOS©, Android©, Windows (7.x, 8.x, 10.x)

or Windows Mobile© device. Such as the iPad, iPad Pro,

Samsung Galaxy, or Panasonic Toughpad 

 Rent it alone or pair it with our Field iPads, Windows Mobile Handheld or Android Tablets


isxblue_page_accueilThese submeter GNSS receivers communicate via Bluetooth© and overrides the tablet's internal GPS to provide submeter accuracy for the coordinate points collected with your GIS app of choice.  The iSXBlue II GNSS and Arrow 100 GNSS works with GPS and GLONASS to provide real-time, high accuracy performance in a palm-sized package.

This device supplies coordinate data that meets Army Corps of Engineers GPS accuracy requirement of submeter GNSS data when conducting wetland delineations.


The iSXBlue II GNSS and Arrow 100 GNSS are:

  • 100% iPad / Android / Windows (7.x, 8.x, 10.x) / Windows Mobile Compatible
  • SBAS support for GPS and GLONASS
  • With their ability to utilize both GPS and GLONASS satellites, you will have nearly twice as many satellites available compared to GPS devices that cannot access GLONASS
  • Submeter accuracy with no need for post-processing when SBAS (North America WAAS) is available
  • Works with your GIS App of choice; including iGeoTrak, Esri Collector for ArcGIS, TerraGo Edge, Fulcrum, and many more!


Submeter GNSS Rental Accessories Include:

  • GNSS receiver
  • Antennae and cable
  • Battery charger
  • Carrying case (shoulder harness)
  • Car charger


iSXBlue II GNSS and Arrow 100 GNSS Accessories for Purchase:

  • Antennae-holster hat available for purchase

Get the iSXBlue II GNSS external antennae receiver into your hat and out of your hands!

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